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The thought of budgeting can de daunting but it doesn’t have to be and with this easy and effective advice, you’ll be in your dream home in no time.
Whether you are buying or renting, whether it is your first home or third, the moving process can be very costly which is why it is crucial to have a correct budgeting plan in place. Yet this itself can take time to organise so we’ve made things a little easier for and have created the essential guide to saving…
Choose an evening to go through your finances. Look at things from different perspectives and if it means you have to wait a few more months before doing anything then so be it. When it comes to buying, the larger the deposit the better position you will be in so the further you plan ahead, the larger deposit you can raise. Calculate your income by adding up your monthly income as well as any savings. Next, go through all your bank statements and work out what your expenditure is. Do not guess, as this will make it very hard to budget. Consider petrol, meals out, beauty and holidays as well as any new clothes you may need.
Cutting your expenditure is easier than you think and doesn’t have to mean living of basics. Cutting out your daily coffee and making your lunch will help and why not sell some of your old clothes? Walk to places that you would usually drive too and if you don’t use that gym membership, cancel it. The majority of people find that they have accumulated items whilst living somewhere only to find that they can’t fit it all in at their next place. Sort through your belongings and consider doing a car boot sale.
Another way to save money is to look at your energy suppliers. Switching tariffs could save you money and you should also see if changing insurance would make things cheaper. When it comes to the weekly food shop, hundreds of pounds of food is wasted every month in UK households. Try and make meals from items that you have in the freezer and cupboards and plan meals in advance to make better use of your ingredients. Reducing your alcohol intake and stopping smoking are not only good for your health but fantastic ways of saving a little bit more cash.
Set up a savings account and add in any money that you do save a month. The process of budgeting can seem very long but this way you’ll be able to see your successes. Several government-backed schemes also aim to give homebuyers a helping hand onto the property ladder so it is worth doing your research, talking to individual banks.
Whilst it may be difficult to say no to that night out or that morning vanilla latte, is any of the stuff really going to matter when you’re sitting in your very own home? Sticking to a budget for a short while will pay off and the benefits often outweigh the cons.
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