Thursday, 1 February 2018


From de-cluttering and cleaning to painting and repairing, give your property the best chance at selling this month with some TLC.
If you’ve decided to put your house up for sale then give it the best chance with these tips and tricks. After all, a little TLC never did anyone any harm and with a little attention in the right areas, you could increase your property’s views and offers.
A few touch ups can do wonders for first impressions and it doesn’t have to cost a lot. It may sound obvious but first things first, you need to thoroughly clean every single room and remove any clutter. You only have one chance at making a first impression so make the most of it. Imagine if you were visiting a property for the first time, to be met with a dirty, messy space. You wouldn’t be impressed! It is also important to be aware of the smell of your house. You may think bacon is the best smell in the world but will a potential buyer really want their possible future home to smell like that? Light a sweet smelling candle and purchase some room diffusers.
Constantly remind yourself that you want buyers to focus on how awesome your space is, not how messy it looks. Banish piles of fresh washing, clear away shoes from the hallway and keep the kitchen worktops clutter free. You also don’t want to put people with bold design features. You may love your dark orange dining room but neutral colour palettes will attract more people as they can view it as a starting block and a base to incorporate their own personality. You want to help people imagine their own family and creativity in the space.
Natural light is the easiest way to make a room seem brighter, bigger and cheerier. Open windows and any patio doors and ensure they are also clean. You should also make sure that any outdoor space you have, is clear and well kept. Think about what people notice when they drive up to your house for the first. Adding a few potted plants, LED lights and garden accessories will also heighten the good impression.
All those little things that you’ve been meaning to get around to but just haven’t – a buyer will notice these and will begin to think about the things that they might not be able to see. Set aside a weekend and fix those broken lights, paint that chipped wood and repair that broken floorboard. Little tweaks can make a big difference in the overall feel of a room and you don’t need to spend lots. Finish each room off with extras like a vase of flowers or cosy throw.
Finally, even though it is your house that is on show don’t forget to take a look at your own behaviour. If you come across as frosty and unwelcoming, this will also wear off onto the property. Happy house selling!
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